About Pre Nurture Career Care Programme – “

Director’s Message,
Nucleus Education started the PCCP division on 15th April’ 2017 with a two-fold purpose: Excellence in giving a head start to students in classes VI to X and Expertise in nurturing students for high rated examinations like National Standard Examination in Junior Science/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Astronomy (NSEJS/P/C/A), Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad (PRMO), Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO), National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), SSTSE (State Science Talent Search Examination), National Mathematics Talent Contests (NMTC) and Private Science/ Maths/English/ Social Science Olympiads. The idea of PCCP is to provide care to students and treating them as our own kids. In Nucleus Education, our intent is to uplift every student from the level at which they entered Nucleus Education.

HOP Speaks, The PCCP division of Nucleus Education caters class VI to X with the intent of holistic development through state-of-the-art academics as well as quality services. The pillar of PCCP in Upper Primary Classes is a 21st century worksheet model in which every student practice in class what they just study. For competitive examinations, we have made most relevant material and course plan based on previous year papers to fit the needs of the student. Students are coached both inside and outside the classroom thus giving them holistic preparation plan. Students are being given special psychological and motivational counselling regularly to overall engage students and help them in taking all the decisions. In this way, our aim is to act as student guide in all the ups and downs he may face during his studies in Nucleus Education.

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