Pre Nurture Career Care Programme – “

Nucleus Education Kota has moved one step ahead by introducing courses for classes VI, VII, VIII, IX, X to develop young student’s intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ) and competitive quotient (CQ) at the early stage of preparation for IIT-JEE. It's very crucial for young students having high aspirations and prudent to start early and get the lead. Also, if a student is dedicated along with a certainty regarding his/her career, it's helpful and wise to utilise the time till class 10th. The sooner you start, the brighter your future will be!

Agenda of Academic Calendar

The purpose of this course is to prepare the students for JEE Examination while covering school-based syllabus for English, Mathematics, Science, Mental Ability and Social Science as per CBSE curriculum. The programme covers theory notes, regular assignments and test series.

Excellent Strategy

The course is absolute for those who wish to start early in their career to chase the thirst for knowledge and step ahead towards their ambition in the future competitions at National and International levels along with an additional guidance for Pre-foundation.

Special approach for PCCP Batch

Nucleus Education Kota organizes parents teacher and student meeting which ensures regular communication among the parents, teacher and students. The faculties have a provision to fill Student Observation Report (SOR) and communicated to the parents for any disobedience.